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The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On The Advisory Business With Kyle Wiggs

Kyle Wiggs of Exact Strategies comes on the podcast to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the financial advisory business. He shares his thoughts on how portfolio management will be deeply impacted by emerging technologies.

Simple. Custom. Uniquely Yours.

Like you, we are selective in who we work with. We work with the most discerning advisors who recognize the world has changed. They are looking to grow their business while striving to provide their clients with only the best possible investment outcomes that today's technology can provide.


Custom, white-label portfolios.


Seamless business integration.


A digital CIO tailored for your business.



Your business. Our technology. Unprecedented results.


We're passionate about two things:

  1. Empowering financial advisors with the technology to withstand the test of time.
  2. Empowering their clients with the technology to better promote investment outcomes that will enable them to achieve their financial goals.

We accomplish this by licensing our technology to a select group looking to manage client portfolios using the most current market data, rather than outdated investment models.

Exact Strategies’ technology utilizes sound mathematics and empowers each piece of your portfolios to identify and move towards productive asset classes or align volatility. Traditional methods often penalize investors with predetermined allocations and prohibit investors from seeking safety in times of market stress, or opportunities in times of market growth.

The Exact Strategies Advantage:

Rather than using outdated investment concepts that force investors to buy and hold asset classes that may appear in the bottom half of asset class returns, we use current data and technology to make informed decisions based on current market conditions.

What if data and technology could eliminate the bottom 50 percent of the most unproductive asset classes? If there wasn't an asset class suitable to own at any given time, why not invest in cash?

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Take a look at our six step process and become more familiar with how our technology works.

Problems We Solve


Increased transparency, added regulation, and digital competition continues to erode the value of financial advice. Our technology, combined with advisor's advice, meets the expectations of today's investors.


With thousands of mutual funds/ETFs to invest in, how do advisors know which are most appropriate as market conditions change? Our technology is capable of assessing each of them on a daily basis to ensure your clients aren't missing out.


Finding investment income in today's interest rate environment is hard. Our technology empowers advisors to move amongst income producing asset classes to provide clients current income unlike traditional buy and hold methods.


Studies show that clients are willing to pay for great investments. They aren't willing to pay for market-like returns. Exact Strategies can help advisors create white-label investment solutions capable of justifying the fees they charge.


Third party investment companies are expensive. They want advisors to believe that they can't or shouldn't manage money. Our technology empowers advisors to provide your clients exceptional investments at a fraction of their costs.


Advisors have spent years building a business that is being threatened from every angle. Exact Strategies will enable advisors to create a brand that can meet the demands of today's consumers while maximizing equity in the business they've built.

Clients We Serve


Exact Strategies helps RIAs who lack an established internal investment team and who are looking for highly customizable portfolio solutions. Our technology works with any custodian and is customized to fit the unique needs of select RIAs and their clients.


Fee compression, digital competition, and increased regulation have made it harder than ever to do business as a financial advisor. Our technology provides custom solutions that empower advisors' businesses in ways that today's commoditized investment options can't match.


Exact Strategies is revolutionizing the modern day OSJ. By creating custom white-label enterprise solutions, Exact is empowering OSJ's to move beyond traditional supervision responsibilities. The outcome enables resources that improve recruiting and retention.


Consolidation, commoditization and regulation are quickly eliminating many successful broker dealers. Exact Strategies helps broker dealers continue to thrive by lowering risk, increasing revenue, and creating exceptional value for advisors.


Exact Strategies works with bank programs to deliver white-label investment solutions tailored to meet the demands of the bank's unique clients. By providing customized solutions at scale, we empower banks to compete with trust departments and asset management companies.


Investment management has become increasingly commoditized. Exact Strategies works with existing product manufacturers to create unique solutions that complement their traditional investment lineup and empower them to meet the demands of today's investors.


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